Nencki Institute - Laboratory of Bioinformatics

We maintain online databases and web-based tools for genome-wide analysis of regulatory regions, gene expression, function, and transcriptional regulation.

Nencki Genomics Database (NGD) extends the functionality of Ensembl Regulatory Build (funcgen) for the three species: human, mouse and rat. The key enhancements over Ensembl funcgen include the following: (i) a user can add private data, analyze them alongside the public data and manage access rights; (ii) inside the database, we provide efficient procedures for computing intersections between regulatory features and for mapping them to the genes. NGD is a stable mature tool and we encourage its use.

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If you use NGD please cite: Krystkowiak et al., Database 2013, PMID: 24089456.

Nencki Expression Webservice (NEWS) provides functions for analysis of gene expression data: transformation, identification of differential expression, filtering, sorting, merging, subsetting, visualization, clustering and (optionally) intermediate results storage with access rights management. The data are passed between the NEWS functions as a standard XML-based object, permitting chaining of functional operations and unified programmatic access. This is a public beta version, currently undergoing tests.

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Nencki Galaxy Instance provides graphical user interphase the above resources from a web browser.

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This is a public alpha version. Please contact us if you would like to try it with our support.
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