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Standard Services

As a core laboratory, we also provide Standard Services – standardized fast solutions to common analytical tasks, performed by qualified members of the Laboratory of Bioinformatics. The Standard Services are offered free to the research groups of the Nencki Institute and for fixed fee to other customers. In case of free services volume limits apply. The use of Standard Services must be reserved in advance, on the first-come first served basis, in two-weeks service slots.

The current list of such services is given in the table below:
Standard Services content, as of March 2015.
1Standard preprocessingPre-processing and QC analysis of microarray data (only platforms supported by R/Bioconductor)
2Standard statisticsStandard statistical analysis (1-way ANOVA, t-test, FDR) of pre-processed expression data.
3Standard visualizationStandard visualization of gene expresion data (gallery available soon).
4Standard NGSStandard (fixed) analysis of NGS data from ChIP-seq and mRNA-seq experiments. Only in human, mouse or rat.
5Standard MascotParsing of Mascot .dat files and comparisons of lists of proteins identified by qualitative protein mass spectrometry.
6Standard listsComparisons of lists of gene/protein identifiers and analysis of over-representation of functional annotations using gProfiler.
7Standard regulatoryPrediction and visualization of cis-regulatory regions and transcription factor binding sites for up to 20 genes. Only in human, mouse or rat.


Attribution Use of the results of Standard Services in a publication requires attribution to the Laboratory of Bioinformatics of the Nencki Institute in the Acknowledgements section of the manuscript. However, if the results of three or more slots of free Standard Services performed by the same person are used in a single publication, we require that this person is included on the manuscript authors' list. For Standard Services that are paid we do not require this.

Conditions and prices For external customers wishing to use our Standard Services, a fixed fees per single service slot of two weeks will be applied, and the execution will be guaranteed within two weeks from the beginning of the reserved slot. A VAT invoice will be issued.

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