Nencki Institute - Laboratory of Bioinformatics
New publication... Tumour-processed osteopontin and lactadherin drive the protumorigenic reprogramming of microglia and glioma progression. Oncogene >>

Our new publication... Etiology matters – Genomic DNA Methylation Patterns in Three Rat Models of Acquired Epilepsy. Scientific Reports >>

Our stuff is growing... Welcome Agata and Aleksandra in our team...
Our new publication... Optimally choosing PWM motif databases and sequence scanning approaches based on ChIP-seq data. >>
The laboratory was recently created (October 2014) and currently has four members and one PhD student. We hope to grow in size in not-too-distant future : )

About us:

The mission of our laboratory is to provide world-class bioinformatics support to experimental groups at the Nencki Institute. Our strategy is to focus on areas of Bioinformatics related to Systems Biology and to foster collaboration.

Our main area of interest is Regulatory Genomics: i.e. transcription and its genome-wide regulation, at cis-regulatory, epigenetic, and chromatin structure level.
As a core laboratory we also provide support for high-throughput methods in a wider context of Systems Biology, such as: microarrays, next-generation sequencing (NGS) and mass spectrometry. Our core expertise is manipulation of large genomic and expression data and application of database and machine learning methods, in scripting languages environment (R, Python, Mathematica, SQL), to address biologically motivated questions, especially in the context of mammalian cell biology and neurobiology.

The main form of our activity are Collaborative Projects, with experimental groups and algorithms-oriented groups as partners. By collaboration we mean sharing of project costs and risks, exchange of know-how, and joint publication of the results. For larger projects this will also typically involve joint applications for funding.

As a core laboratory, we provide Standard Services – standardized fast solutions to common analytical tasks, performed by qualified laboratory members. The Standard Services are offered free to the research groups of the Nencki Institute (volume limits apply) and for fixed fee to our external customers.

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